3 Steps to Take IMMEDIATELY After a Fall

Having a fall can be traumatic. Once you had the experience, the fear of falling will slowly set in. When this sets in, you would want to actively try to break it; otherwise, you will always be afraid of walking, and it will impact the way you go about your day.

So, here are the things to do to minimize the damage:

Step 1: Self-check :

The best way to fall is on your buttocks, because this region has the thickest muscles and can absorb a lot of force. If you have an emergency button, press it right away. Then, check to see if you scraped, bruised, or hit anywhere (especially the head). Next, slowly move your body parts to see if you have pain with weight bearing. If you have difficulty standing, it’s best to wait until the ambulance arrives.

Step 2 : Fall proof your immediate surroundings

  • Use assistive device (cane, walker, rollator, etc)
  • Put up lights to improve visibility
  • Reduce clutter and tape down the carpet to reduce tripping
  • Get our “10 tips to improve your balance right away” article

Step 3: Find a physical therapist

The sooner you find a physical therapist, the better. He/she will evaluate and set up a program to manage your condition, right away. Once you have the program, it is very important that you complete it in order to get better. You must resolve your balance issues, right then and there.

At Energize physical therapy, we are confident that, once you have finished with our balance program, you will definitely see a difference. We pride ourselves on getting results!