3 Tips on Choosing the RIGHT Footwear. OFFER INSIDE!


How Important Are Your Shoes? Are they causing you Pain?

Many people around the world are not able to enjoy the benefits of proper footwear. We have so many choices, yet we are still wearing the wrong pair of shoes. Yeah, they look GREAT but are they good for you?

Imagine ONLY being able to stand for 20 minutes, getting cuts and wounds, feeling a sharp pain when waking up, and NOT being able to exercise.

Here’s an example of someone wearing the wrong shoes.

Paraphrased: Allyn woke up at 1:30 am to use the bathroom. As he stepped out of bed, he met with excruciating pain and went face down on the floor. He hopped and hobbled to the bathroom, walking sideways and hanging into anything he could for balance and support. He spent the next 40 minutes in bed, exercising his ankle and trying to force his toes upward to stretch his plantar fascia.

What Allyn was going through was plantar fasciitis. It can occur when someone runs or walks around without proper footwear and the bottom of the feet gets stressed, A LOT. Though it is NOT a life threatening injury, it can really limit your ability to walk, run, work, or play with your kids.

You can read more of his story in this link:


Here are some BENEFITS proper footwear can provide:

  • Support for your ankles and your arches
  • Reduce pronation (wrong bio-mechanics)
  • Reduce Stress/Shocks
  • Protect environmental hazards (nails, glass, sharp obj)

3 tips on getting the right pair of shoes:

  1. Fit - if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t matter.
  2. Support - If you have weak ankles, you might want to use shoes with high tops. If you don’t have proper arches, find shoes with proper arch support.
  3. Functions - Your choice of footwear depends on the activities you do. If you are running, you need a pair of shoes with proper cushions. If you are hiking, you need a pair of shoes with proper support. If you are going to be dancing, please try your best to NOT dance in heels!

 WHAT IF you don’t know what shoes to wear?

  1. Consult with the expert. (the staff in the shoe store) Make sure they know their stuff!
  2. Bring your shoes to our clinic. We’ll check them out.

What if you are dealing with the pain NOW?

If your feet are having soreness or aches, here’s a machine that you can try.

NORMATEC - It uses compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with our patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern. You will FEEL GREAT!

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