Back Pain From Back Pack? No Worries, We Got Your Back :)

Back Pain from Back Pack?
No worries, we got your back :)

Have you ever carried a backpack so heavy that it hurts your back? We tell ourselves that the pain will go away after we rest and stretch. But, did you know that constantly carrying a heavy backpack can have a major impact on your joints, muscles, bones and tendons? If you want to know more about what kind of backpack is best to use, read on!


Here’s what carrying heavy loads will lead to:

  1. Fatigue and strain
  2. Spinal compression and misalignment
  3. Stress and compression of muscles and nerves causing weakness, numbness and tingling


Six things to look for in a backpack:

  1. Padded back - take away pressure from (sharp) objects inside into your backpack.
  2. Padded, contoured shoulders and chest straps - Reduces pressure and balances the weight. You backpack should sit 2 inches above your waist.
  3. Waist belt - for weight distribution from your back to your legs.
  4. Compression straps - keeps your loose objects from moving around. Keep heaviest objects close to your back.
  5. Reflective material - increases visibility at night.
  6. 15% of body weight - keep it light!


What to do if you have back pain?

There are many things you can do if you have back pain. If you’d like us to show you how to stretch your back properly with various techniques, give us a call!


Bring someone in, someone you know who suffers from back pain, we will KT tape their back for FREE