Comfortable Driving

Tips for Comfortable Driving 

  If you spend hours behind the wheel it is important to be comfortable to avoid musculoskeletal problems related to driving.  If you drive for a living, it is crucial to get your posture right and follow some easy tips to keep your body healthy and prevent workplace injuries.

Potential ergonomic risks associated with driving:

Awkward positions.
Prolonged positions.
Whole body vibration.

Let's get your position right first

The position must accommodate all the body movements required for safe and efficient driving.

Avoid prolonged positions

No matter how good your posture is, if you stay in one position for a long time, there is potential for discomfort and injury. For every 2 hours spent in the drivers seat, get out and have a two minute walk around the vehicle followed by stretching as shown in the pictures.


Minimize exposure to whole body vibration

Good driving posture is particularly important when whole body vibration is high.  Your spine is able to absorb shock better when it is in a "neutral" position, with the curve of the lumbar spine maintained, than in a slouched, flexed lumbar spine position.


Your Physical Therapist will be able to develop a "stretch break" plan that is just right for you.  This is particularly important if you have a history of back problems or are susceptible to discomfort brought on by driving

Discomfort while driving?

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