Gardening the right way

Summer is almost here.

Gardening is a favorite activity for many people. Now that summer is here, more of a reason to go out and make the garden look impressive. You can always spot my mother tending to her garden in the spring and summer months. However, over the years, I’ve noticed that she complained more and more of pain and discomfort associated with gardening. Many people have to STOP gardening because of these injuries!


Gardening is like exercising. You want to make sure your muscles are nice and warm before you garden.


Here are the four steps to follow:

  1. Stretch your neck, shoulders, back, and legs.
  2. Enjoy gardening but don’t strain yourself - always use proper lifting posture. Never carry objects that are too heavy.
  3. Keep switching tasks/ positions - staying in one position doing repetitive tasks can cause a lot of stress on your body. Example: do 20-minute easy tasks and switch to 20-minute more difficult tasks. Keep alternating.
  4. Use the right tools
    1. Gloves - to protect the hands, wrists.
    2. Proper tools like hand rake, hand hoe, pruners, shovel or trowel can do a lot for you.
    3. Correct sizing - if a tool is too big or hard to operate, find the ones that fit you. Using the wrong size can cause a lot of strain to your muscles and tendons.


What to do if you have back pain?

There are many things you can do if you have back pain.
If you’d like us to show you how to stretch your back properly with various techniques, give us a call!

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