Home Physical Therapy Vs. Outpatient Physical Therapy

What is the difference between home physical therapy versus outpatient physical therapy?

Home physical therapy is when the physical therapist comes to your home to work with you on getting yourself back on your feet. A lot of times physical therapist are sent to an individual’s home because that individual has difficulty traveling longer distances outside of the house. Usually it is because it would be dangerous for the person to travel outside at the time because they can fall, they cannot walk, etc. In this case, the physical therapist uses the individual’s home as the “gym” where they may bring in equipment or use equipment or objects in the house to carry out the physical therapy session.

Outpatient physical therapy is when the individual is ambulatory and able to physically get to the clinic. Different clinics are set up differently, some with gym equipment, some without, some with private rooms, some without. To find out what type of clinic fits you best, I suggest you go to the physical location of the clinic and meet with some of the staff. The staff may offer you a tour of the facility and the physical therapist may be available to answer any questions you may have.