How Does Your Posture Affect Balance?

“Stop slouching; stand up straight!” Yes, we’ve heard it all when we were little.

The truth of the matter is that we slouch because we want to. We slouch because that’s our comfortable position. Nobody slouches because it’s a good look. Occasionally, there are underlying issues, such as fatigue, pain, muscle weakness, tightness, etc. that lead us to slouching. Telling someone to “stop slouching” simply may not be the best solution.

Having said that, slouching has negative consequences. You are shifting your base of support outside of the equilibrium, meaning other body parts have to take over as compensation. For example, your neck and back muscles/ligaments have to work harder if you slouch forward. This type of strains/sprains, eventually, will lead to chronic fatigue and postural deformities over time.

In Energize physical therapy, we analyze at your posture. I mean we really analyze your posture. We don’t just look at how you are sitting or standing, we also analyze your body in motion as well. We excel at analyzing the underlying issues in the body through static and dynamic postures.