How to assess balance issues?

*** Important: Be sure someone is close to you, in case you lose balance.

Spotting a balance problem can easily be done by anyone. If you see someone with a cane or a walker, you know the person has balance issues. But what if the person is not using it? It can be a little tricky to find out.

But don’t worry. Just follow these tests below :

  1. Sharpened Romberg

  2. Timed up and go

  3. Sit to stand 5 times

These three tests should be a good start to see if someone has balance problems. All you have to do is observe if the person is having trouble balancing. You would know if the someone is swaying or just does not feel comfortable. At Energize Physical Therapy, we would delve much deeper to find the true cause of the balance issues. Many times, the causes of the issue can be traced to a pain source or weakness in specific muscle groups.

Let us worry about where the imbalance is coming from. Use these tests to find out IF the person has balance problems.

Link this blog to anyone who you think might have balance related issues.