Lifting and Handling

What is Manual Handling?

Manual handling, sometimes called material handling, is any activity where a person pushes, pulls, carries, lifts or restrains an object or person.  Manual handling is the source of many work-place injuries, such as back pain, neck pain and muscle tears. Injuries related to manual handling can be prevented using a few rules.

We have seen multiple cases where clients have gotten seriously hurt because of WRONG manual handling. In many cases, prior to coming to physical therapy, they have been bed-bound for many days because of the injury. A bad case can impact someone not only physically, also mentally, socially, and financially.


Rules for smart manual handling:

  1. Think first and prepare - Can you use a trolleys, hand truck? Is the weight evenly distributed? Can you split up the load? ask for help if needed.

  2. Keep your spine neutral - or most people, their spine is in "neutral" when there is a slight arch in the lower spine, and a slightly rounded upper back.

  3. Hold the load close to your body - reduces the demand on your muscles to support and move the load.  Even holding a relatively light object can seem difficult if you are holding it with outstretched arms.

  4. Don't twist - When you twist your spine the small muscles and ligaments close to the spine become stretched.  This reduces their support and increases the risk of injury.

Your personal fitness level, level of alertness, and physical training for a task can all impact on your risk of injury.  Having strong abdominal and back muscles and knowing how to use them correctly during manual handling is a great advantage.  Some forms of regular exercise such as swimming and walking help to keep the abdominal and back muscles strong.

Wrong Manual Handling?

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