Running Injuries!

Running Injuries

As you know, running requires a lot of endurance and great lung capacity, in addition to having strong legs. Most running injuries happen in the hips, knees, ankles and feet of runners.  There is not only intense repetitive motion in this sport, but it also requires ample stretching and just a tiny bit of coordination.  In order for you to keep competing, it is necessary that you not only make sure you have a great pair of shoes at your disposal, but that you also take the time to pay attention to your muscles and your joints.


5 Common Injuries with Running: 

  1. Ankle Sprain and Instability - when your ankle go inward or outward stretching those stabilizing ligaments. A bad case can tear the ligaments.
  2. Plantar Fasciitis - when the bottom of your foot, Plantar Fascia, is inflamed. Can cause heel spur.
  3. Shin Splints - when the pain along your shin is inflamed. A bad case can even cause stress fracture.
  4. Muscle Cramps - when your muscles tighten up and wouldn’t let go. Dehydration and stretching are key. 
  5. Patellofemoral Problems - alignment and overuse problems of the patella causing wear and tear of the cartilage under the patella.


Tips to stay injury free:

  1. Proper Shoes - not too big, not too small. 400 miles limit. 2 pairs so that you can alternate. See running shoe specialist. Spikes, racing flats are for racing and speed training. 
  2. Apparel - proper fit, moisture wicking materials, dress to the weather. Sunglasses, Hats, ID with emergency number, sunscreen.
  3. Techs - heart rate monitor (call us to find out your training zone)
    1. GPS device to track your mileage (apple watch, Fitbit)
    2. MP3 player - to get you going.  
  4. Stretching - please see our blogs on stretching video on stretching principles and techniques.

Dr. Lyo on running injuries

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