A lot of people know that they need to stretch a lot. But not a lot of people know how to stretch or WHY they need to stretch. Lack of stretching can cause a lot to the body. You can walk around with stiffness at a joint. You can have pain in the muscles because they are too tight. With lack of stretching, your body cannot perform your best without pain and stiffness. 


There are many conditions that are associated with lack of stretching. Imagine an athlete running, jumping, and cutting without properly stretching. Muscle can tear, tendon can break. A repetitive pressure/stress can even cause stress fracture! 


Here’s the catch: Stretching alone does not improve your performance or risk of injuries. You need to add in proper warm-up, neuromuscular warm-up, dynamic stretching, and static stretching.


  1. Warm-up - Brisk walk or light jogging for 5-10 mins will do. Get your body temperature up and your blood flowing. 
  2. Neuromuscular warm-up - Get your “head in the game”. Simulate the tasks you will be performing. Example, if you play basketball, start doing light shoot around. If you play soccer, start doing light balance and agility activities. 
  3. Dynamic stretching - pick a joint and go through full motion of a joint without holding in one position. Examples are legs swings, arm swings, arm circles. 
  4. Static stretching - use this as part of your cool down. Hold a stretch position 30 seconds for 3 times. Do NOT bounce on the muscle!


Not sure what they all mean? 

Come by our clinic so that we can show you proper stretching and what we meant by the 4 tips.

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