Terrible Knee Osteoarthritis?! Offer Inside!

Terrible Knee Osteoarthritis?
Offer inside


https://youtu.be/0b5LqE8x69g - Knee Osteoarthritis 

Currently, 30% of American adults are affected by joint pain, swelling, or limitation with daily activities. Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) is a leading cause of disability in older adults. It happens when there is cartilage loss in the joint and cause disability. With the rise of obesity, knee OA is expected to reach as high as 40% of the population.

Have you met anyone with a bad knee OA? From our experiences, we have seen patients putting any kind of weight on the affected knee. When the symptoms get really bad, patients usually opt in for knee replacement surgery. After that, he/she would continue physical therapy for the next few months. It’s a LONG process.

We had an 85-year-old patient who had been dealing with knee pain for so many years. Can’t walk, can’t stand up, and can’t do the stairs. Because of her condition, she was forced to stay in her home for many years. She can’t get surgery either because she was a high-risk (age). She finally called us to see what we can do for her.

Here are 4 suggestions we provided for immediate pain relief:

  1. Ice 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off. (Electrical stimulation in the clinic)
  2. Exercises that do NOT put weight on the knees. Ex. biking, seated leg extensions, swimming
  3. Manual therapy - a bad knee has a lot of pain areas. We put the patient on her back and worked out the tightness around the knees. We did a lot of stretching and soft-tissue work.
  4. Kinesiotape - Keep the knee cap in proper alignment and take away some of the stress at the patella tendon.


After a few weeks of therapy, she was finally able to walk around the block! Less depressed and more energized throughout the day.


Curious what Kinesiotape (KT Tape) is for?

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