For most of us walking is simply a mode of transportation used to get us relatively short distances.  

Walking, however, can be more than just a form of transport.  If you get your heartrate up while you walk then it is an excellent form of exercise that can be used to remain active, keep fit, and keep your weight in check.

Get those feet on the ground and try fitness walking!

After all, these boots (or rather, shoes...) were made for walking, right?




BE SURE TO STRETCH! Warm up your body first, then stretch while your muscles are still warm and do not let your body cool down before engaging in the task at hand. 

Start with slow, low intensity movements, and gradually progress to full-speed movements through range of motion. Complete these motions for several repetitions at once (10-15 times.)







ENJOY BUT DON'T HURT YOURSELFYour arms play a very important part in your fitness walking technique.

Your arms should move alongside of your body in a forward and backward motion; be careful not to swing your arms across your body as this  works against the energy that propels your body forward.  Don’t swing your upper arm up higher than the nipple line.  Keep in mind that your legs move at the same rhythm of your arms





CHOOSE THE RIGHT SHOES AND CLOTHING‘Walking a mile in someone else’s shoes’ may give you a good feel for their situation, but it may also give you an injury!

Your walking shoe should provide some flexibility particularly in the forefoot of the shoe.

It is recommended that you replace your shoes regularly to maximize the support they give you; any visible smoothing of the sole or wearing through of the toe end means it is time for a new pair.

Ensure the socks you wear are of a lightweight and breathable material and that they fit snugly.

Choose a synthetic layer that allows your sweat to be wicked away from your body both to keep you cool or keep you warm, depending on the weather situation.




If your feet, knees, hips or low back are hurting despite choosing appropriate equipment and having an efficient gait, it may be worthwhile trying orthotics.

If you are unsure if orthotics are right for you or have pain when you walk,

give us a call for an assessment.