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Energize Physical Therapy, serving Queens, NY, is dedicated to ensuring that each time you visit us you leave empowered both physically and intellectually.

We are a team of trained health professionals who believes that quality and exceptional care can only be provided with compassion, involvement, respect and experience.

We translate that into extraordinary patient service.

You will always feel welcome here and part of the family.

There are no long waits and no inconveniences. Instead, there is extreme quality of care and a dedication to your recovery.

Personalized consultations


Personalized consultations

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Unique cases solved
Years Experience


Years Experience

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  • 1199
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Patient Testimonials
  • P J.
    5 years ago
    What a great group of people! My mother started coming here after suffering from a collapsed disc in her back. Before treatment, she had a lot of trouble moving from sitting to standing. Her physician recommended physical therapy at Energize. She has only been coming here for a few weeks and her condition has improved drastically. The therapists here are very knowledgeable and use state of the equipment to assist in the various exercises. The thing I love most about them is that they exude love and positivity. They truly care about their patients and go above and beyond to help. Though my mother still has a long way to go in her treatment, I am glad that the folks at Energize are helping her on that journey.
  • Sammie W.
    5 years ago
    This place is terrific. I had 4 weeks of PT for a herniated disc, i felt considerably better after each visit. Really great staff, super relaxed. I loved every session.
  • Chenyi L.
    5 years ago
    Came here for my shoulder and neck pain. Staffs are super friendly! Dr. Mac and Dr. Lyo are very knowledgeable, skillful and nice!! I feel a lot better immediately after couple sessions. The atmosphere is very welcoming! I highly recommend this place! Very professional!
  • Paul B.
    5 years ago
    I've been coming here for about a year with shoulder and wrist issues developed by training Brazilian jiu jitsu. After just a few sessions I'm feeling better and ready to get and stay on the mats. The personal care and friendly atmosphere make PT an enjoyable experience.
  • Jason C.
    6 years ago
    If you're in need of Physical Therapy for your pain, I would highly recommend setting an appointment with Energize Physical Therapy as you won't be disappointed. I've been to a few other Physical Therapy near by me, but didn't really feel or notice any difference in pain relief till Dr. Patrick Lyo treated my pain. I felt and noticed a major difference as he was able to locate and treat the area I was suffering in pain, compare to the other physical therapist that I went to which barely did anything.
  • Jed Z.
    6 years ago
    I’ve had the pleasure of bumping into this establishment a few months back. The staff are very professional and courteous; they go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and to address any problems you may have. I’ve been struggling with neck pain and stiffness for a while and after just one session, I was given with remarkable results. My neck was much looser and more relaxed; it was a very relieving and fantastic session. The physical therapists here are extremely skilled and they truly care about their patients. I would highly recommend this place to anyone in need of physical therapy.

Don't continue living with pain.

Our Team

Active living

Celia Mak

DPT, LSVT BIG Certified Clinician

Dr. Celia Mak is a skilled and dedicated physical therapist serving in the Queens, NY community. Dr. Mak obtained her baccalaureate degree and Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2013 from Stony Brook University in New York. Dr. Mak decided to use her clinical and professional experience to open her own private practice here in Elmhurst, NY.

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Protecting families

Patrick Lyo

DPT, LSVT BIG Certified Clinician

Dr. Patrick Lyo has been serving the Queens and Elmhurst communities since 2016. His passion has always been using his skills and dedication towards pain relief to return patients back to their normal lifestyles. He received his baccalaureate degree in Health Science and Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2013 from Stony Brook University In New York State.

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Knee Pain

KNEE PAIN The knee is a sensitive area of the body and one that can be injured doing almost any activity.  The knee is normally exposed and vulnerable and a simple twist can lead to a serious injury as well as ongoing problems and a long recovery time.The knee has a somewhat unstable design. Yet it must support the body's full weight when standing, and much more than that during walking or running. So it's not surprising that knee problems are a fairly common complaint among people of al...
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WALKING For most of us walking is simply a mode of transportation used to get us relatively short distances.  Walking, however, can be more than just a form of transport.  If you get your heartrate up while you walk then it is an excellent form of exercise that can be used to remain active, keep fit, and keep your weight in check. Get those feet on the ground and try fitness walking! After all, these boots (or rather, shoes...) were made for walking, right?  &n...
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